Responsible Gaming

With restriction on work and travel resulting in more time at home for many of us, it is important to remember that we must play safely and responsibly. Osom Rummy is committed to doing everything possible to help its players to play responsibly.

We pride ourselves in giving the users the most enjoyable gaming experience possible. To ensure that you continue to enjoy safe and manageable play we fully support Responsible Gaming and have numerous measures in place to offer checks.

Taking pride in Responsible Play:

Ideal practices to follow to help you play responsible:

Implement Add Cash Limit to improve responsible play

Add Cash Limit

At Osom Rummy, we always encourage responsible play and remind our users to play rummy well within their means and do not go out of bounds to experience real money rummy games.

To prevent users from depositing excessing money, Osom Rummy gives you the opportunity to control the money deposited by you daily and within a month.

Different types of Add-cash Limits

When does the Add Cash Limit get reset?

Daily Limit get reset at 12:00 midnight every day

Monthly Limit get reset at the end of every month,midnight

Can I change my Daily and Monthly deposit limit?

Yes, you can change your daily and monthly deposit limit.

72-hour rule

At Osom Rummy, you can change (increase or decrease) your monthly deposit limit only once every 72 hours. Once you have changed your deposit limit, you will have to wait for another 72 hours to change your monthly deposit limit with Osom Rummy.

However, you cam change your daily deposit limit by contacting us through our in-game customer support or by emailing us at

The Rummy Federation

The Rummy Federation is a not-for-profit society established under the Societies Registration Act, to guide and support the online rummy industry in providing a sustainable and healthy entertainment to players across. Learn More..

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